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Testimonials & Case Histories

What Our Clients Say

“Walt Medina & Associates have provided us with exemplary service. We have built our company with many of the employees that Walt and his staff have recruited and are very pleased with the results. From the planning stage to recruitment and placement, Walt Medina & Associates stands above all others in the healthcare recruitment field.“

Ronald Nyman, Esq., Former CEO MediStar Medical Billing

“Walt has supported our healthcare recruitment efforts for over 10 years now.  He has had success in our departments such as ER & OR Nursing, ICU, Psych, Oncology, and Occupational Health. He has an excellent ability to source and screen the most appropriate candidates. He clearly defines timelines and delivers top notch candidates. I continue to reach out to Walt and would recommend his services.”

Elena Geanuracus, Physician Recruiter, St. Vincent’s Health Services

What Our Candidates Say

“Walt Medina gave me very detailed and personalized attention during my job search. He was receptive to my needs. He found me what I was looking for in a dream employment in an efficient and timely manner. He also followed up after employment to ensure my happiness in the position.”

Ken Nagamoto, MD, MPH, Physician-Manager

“Walt is very professional, yet warm and personable as well.  I went to him in search of the perfect job to match my skills.  A year and a half later, when I had finished my Master’s, he remembered me and reached out to me.  He got me a coveted position at one of the leaders in the industry.  He negotiated a competitive salary with sign-on bonus.  I went to a larger agency as well per his advice, which yielded nothing.  I would recommend his agency without hesitation.”

Karmen Jepsen, RN, MSN, Nurse Coordinator-Oncology

“I had the pleasure of working with Walt Medina during my recent career change. His professionalism and excellent service was second to none. From the first time I met him and throughout the interview process he was reliable and persistent. He stayed in constant communication with me to keep me updated with the next steps and gave excellent guidance in preparing me for the interviews. He knew exactly what my current employer was looking for in a candidate and matched my experience and skill set to that. He took the time to meet with me and had a strong understanding of where I wanted to be professionally. I’ve been in my new role for six months and couldn’t be happier with the professional path that I am on.  Thank you Walt Medina for working so hard on my behalf!  You were fantastic!”

Kerry McGowan, RN, BSN

Case Histories

Case 1:  One of our highly renowned hospital clients had a critical position to be filled due to a recent Nurse Manager retiring. The position title was “Nurse Manager for Ambulatory & Infusion Center”. The selected candidate would have a direct report to the Vice President of Nursing Operations and would manage and coordinate all nursing activities for the medical oncology units for the entire medical center. The position needed to be filled as soon-as-possible and required someone with extensive work experience in medical oncology, strong supervisory and managerial skill sets, and the ability to oversee unit business functions and manage quality and regulatory requirements. Our team went to work – we sourced and identified several leads and presented a very strong panel of candidates that met the client’s search criteria. Our client selected one of our candidates, who was hired within 45 days and is now an integral part of the hospital Medical-Oncology management team. We negotiated an extremely competitive compensation package and sign-on bonus plan. The success of this search allowed our client to maintain managerial continuity and provide quality services to oncology patients and their families.

Case 2:  Walt Medina & Associates was retained by a major academic teaching-hospital client to work on recruiting a “Quality Management Coordinator for Adult & Pediatric Stem Cell Transplant Program”. The position was newly created and required a particular set of highly specialized skill sets. This position was responsible for managing the quality and performance improvement of a major Bone Marrow Transplant Program that needed to maintain its national accreditation. The position was critical to the viability of the program and interacted closely with program leadership. Our team identified all the national programs that dealt with Adult and Pediatric Stem Cell Transplants, as well as sourced and identified every Quality Coordinator, Manager and Director of each program. Through an effective “cold calling campaign” and “advertisement initiative”, we identified several prospective candidates. Our search was long and arduous, but we persevered and identified a candidate that was a perfect fit for the position.  The candidate interviewed, was offered the position, and we helped negotiate a very highly competitive compensation package that included a relocation package and sign-on bonus. The candidate was hired and is now a highly respected team member of the Adult and Pediatric Stem Cell Transplant program.

Case 3:  Walt Medina & Associates was retained by a leading medical billing company to help recruit for the company’s first Chief Operating Officer (COO). The position was created by the Founder and CEO to help manage the day-to-day operations of the company, as well as to help develop new business and grow the book of existing business. The position would manage and lead a sizeable staff and would help to shape the future growth of the company. We were selected by the CEO from among several other search companies to conduct and spearhead a national search for the right candidate. We were given specific search criteria, which focused on the person’s management abilities and business acumen. We went to work – we identified companies that were in the same business line, we sourced and identified talent from these companies, and created an extensive list of potential candidates. We also advertised and sourced several candidates from our proprietary database that yielded a number of leads. Once our leads list was compiled, we screened each candidate and narrowed our list to approximately 10.  Out of the 10, we selected 5 candidates for face-to-face interviews. Out of the 5, we presented 3 strong viable candidates to the CEO for his interviewing and selection process. Our client selected one of our top candidates who possessed 15+ years of experience in revenue-cycle and an excellent educational background (MBA), including demonstrated success leading teams and directing processes for a major multi-billion dollar healthcare corporation. We negotiated a very strong compensation and benefits package.  This successful search created an opportunity to continue to recruit and staff some of the company’s top talent for the next several years.